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bay window shutters

Can you have shutters in a bay window?

Bay window shutters are a brilliant feature in both modern and historic homes. Blinds over many panels can be troublesome, while curtains require specific rails. Bay windows, which are commonly found in Victorian and Edwardian residences, are designed to let in a lot of light.

Shutters are the ideal complement to bay windows, providing a fashionable statement that can further enhance your home’s interior design style. We provide a full window shutter service, including design, installation, and maintenance. As a result, we are able to give a great end product without the high cost! To give your new shutters a bespoke touch, we can tailor anything from the materials to the colours, forms, and designs. Every installation will be completed in a single day. We remove all of our trash and leave your home clean and tidy to complete your Mastercraft makeover. We are simply enthusiastic about shutters and like doing what we do. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to request an in-house appointment where either myself or a member of my team will come and measure the windows, discuss the ideal shutters and provide a free quote all from the comfort of your home.

Can I use any style of shutters or must I use bay window shutters?

Shutters are ideal for bay windows because each piece has its own frame and panel, yet they are all fitted together to create a single, seamless, and elegant window treatment. Each section’s louvre panels may be readily changed to provide security and privacy from any angle while allowing plenty of light in. When it comes to a bay window shutter, it is always best to have them custom made rather than DIY buying shutters from a shop and hoping they’ll fit. 

You can get in touch with us for more information and advice on which style of plantation shutters you require. We have a gallery of our shutters online on both our website and Instagram posts for you to view the various styles of shutters we have created and provided to previous customers. We have guides on our website to aid you when choosing the style and colour of the shutters you desire. We hope that when you see our gallery, you will be inspired and assured that we will provide you with the best quality of service and shutters. Our team is highly trained to install and create bespoke shutters in all manner of styles. We provide free quotes when a member of our team comes to your home to measure each window to ensure the shutters you choose are a perfect fit. We will help to advise you on what window shutters will be best for each room. Please give us a call for further information on window shutters cost, shutters shutter materials and appointments for a free quote.

How do you fit bay window shutters on a curved surface?

If you are looking to install bay window shutters, you may find this a very challenging DIY project. With the curved angles, it’s imperative that measurements are precise to ensure the shutters fit perfectly without looking messy or failing to perform properly. Installing plantation shutters in a bay window is an excellent idea. Curtains can create a cluster of material whilst plantation shutters create a clean, unique impression in any room. Bay window shutters are a great idea for any room with a bay window. Plantation shutters offer brilliant light control and provide a sense of security when they are open.

We recommend hiring the right people to install full height or bay window shutters. Even traditional bay windows have various inner angles, but we can measure shutters with such precision that it is never an issue. Myself and my team at Mastercraft Shutters treat each customer individually, providing you our full support and advice from start to finish and then beyond. We promise a three year guarantee on all our shutters and you can expect fantastic service from the moment you get in touch, to the moment you’re waving goodbye to a member of our team after you see the fantastic shutters that have been installed in the requested room or rooms. Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in having shutters installed to a window or windows in your home. We offer a free quote to each customer when either myself or a member of my team comes to your home to measure each window to ensure a perfect fit of each shutter.

Are shutters or blinds good for bay windows?

Shutters keep the room looking tidy and clean while keeping the area’s particular features. Window shutters are also more energy efficient from a thermal aspect. Bay windows, by their very nature, have a longer line of window-panes, which may enable more heat to escape the space. Made-to-measure shutters are custom-made to fit nearly any bay window. They’re excellent for maximising natural light while maintaining privacy. Those living on the coast prefer larger windows to survey the bay around them. Shutters are an excellent choice and they don’t just come in white. Overall many would agree that shutters create a more striking impression than blinds. You can choose from an assortment of colours and materials.

At Mastercraft Shutters, we have an excellent gallery of pictures of our work for you to see and decide on which style you would like for each room of your home. We offer a bespoke service and can create a wide range of styles from full height shutters, tier to tier shutters to various window shutters bay style. Get in touch with us for more information on what would be best for the windows in your home.

How much do window shutters cost for bay windows?

The cost of bay window shutters is influenced by a number of factors. The cost will be determined by the size and number of shutters you have. Because covering three panes utilises less material, a three-pane window shutter will cost less than a five-pane window shutter. Although wood shutters are more expensive than PVC shutters, if you prefer a natural material, wood is the best option. You can look to pay anywhere between £350 and £1000 which will include the services of the tradesman that installs them for you. You can get in touch with us at Mastercraft Shutters for more information on bay, plantation, tier to tier and full height shutters.

What are café style shutters?

Only the bottom of your window is covered by café style shutters. Café style can be any height as long as the upper portion of the window is left open. They’re popular in homes with tall windows because the top part of the window may be left open without compromising privacy. Café shutters are usually less expensive than other kinds, such as full height shutters or tier on tier. They are a strong and high-quality window dressing that may be enjoyed for years to come, providing good value for money.

Does my big window require full height shutters?

Full height shutters are made of one piece of wood that runs from the bottom to the top of your windows. They’re frequently fashioned with louvres that look like they’re from a plantation. The louvres at the top and bottom can either move separately or together. Plantation shutters can be put on any window, regardless of its size or shape. Full height or tier on tier styles are excellent for large windows. Give us a call for more information on the right shutters for each room in your home.