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Our home is our castle, it’s where we all relax and feel secure, we all take pride in our homes, always looking for more improvements to beautify and make our lives more comfortable, lets look at shutter cost Guildford whether ascetically or cost-saving home improvements.

Have you ever thought about shutters for your home, which are not only ascetically pleasing but offer huge cost-saving advantages too, preventing heat loss and saving you money on energy bills? 

There seems to be a perceived idea that window or door shutters in a home are cumbersome, dust collectors and costly without having any benefits!

Before we start, we all know quality handcrafted wooden shutters will be more pricey than ready-made curtains or blinds you can get at most high street stores even in Guildford, most of us are believers in “you get what you pay for” most of us have to live to a budget but most of us like the idea of long term savings too.

Let us delve a little deeper into shutters, values and benefits, please read on you may be a little bit surprised!

Benefits of Shutters

So briefly what are the benefits of having shutters fitted to a window or door?

Well as you can see from the list above, shutters offer a huge array of benefits, on maybe a downside they can be more pricey than curtains & blinds, but the pros far outweigh the cons by a long way!

Affordable Shutters for every room in your home.

At Mastercraft Shutters in Guilford, Surrey we offer a collection of very affordable bespoke beautifully made shutters to transform every room and window in your home.

Whether you need shutters for kitchen, bathroom shutter blinds, or living room window shutters, we will have a style and prices that suit everybody’s budget.

Our team of highly skilled craftsmen along with a customer will help to design a shutter solution to cover any window in a beautiful & creative unique customised method which will transform any living space in a very affordable manner.

Remember, shutters are an investment with many benefits and they don’t have to cost a fortune, our team custom makes, supplies and installs shutters with very competitive pricing with no hidden costs.

Free Quotes are available on request.

Plantation Shutters

Firstly what are plantation shutters, they are window coverings like blinds and curtains all rolled into one but much more effective.

Incredible the first plantation shutters first appeared in ancient Greece and were made from marble, although the name actually comes from the southern region of America as these beautiful craved wooden shutters were mostly seen on grand cotton plantation homes to cover windows, which gave plantation shutters their name.

Plantation shutters, in general, are a louvred with horizontal slates which are designed to slope down, allowing when open more light and fresh air into a room, when the shutter is closed it blocks out nearly all light and noise and reduces the amount of hot or cold air from entering a room, so in summer months it keeps the room cooler, whilst in winter months it prevents warm air escaping from a room on a cold day or night, in turn, effectively reducing energy bills in your home.

Historically these are made from quality hardwood, a cheaper option is to have these shutters made from hybrawood with the outer bones of the shutters being Paulownia Hardwood with an ultra-durable aluminium core running through each of the polyvinyl slates, this range of shutters are highly durable, look fabulous on any window in your home also offering great value for money.

The cost of this type of shutter is dependent on the size of the window it covers, to give you an estimation you can use our website “Shutter Price Calculator” ideal for getting an idea of the price.

Bay Window Shutters

Bay window shutters have to be custom-made to exact measurements as these windows comprise complex angles & unusual shapes, we can custom-make designs for box bays, curved bays and traditional Victorian bay windows all at our workshop in Guildford.

Bay window shutters look fabulous, not only on the inside of your home but also on the outside too, which offers your home more privacy by tilting the shutter slats to an angle that will still allow light into a room whilst blocking out any prying eyes from the road.

All our range of shutter styles is suitable for bays, although in our opinion tier on tier shutters look and operate the best.

You can use our online calculator to estimate if you’re within budget, although we would recommend one of our Guildford-based technicians visit your property as bays are notoriously difficult to accurately measure before giving you a free no obligation quote.

Also, our experienced technician will be able to answer any worries or concerns you may have on the spot rather than you having to call out Guildford head office.

Free quotes are available by either using our “contact us” website tab or if you are in the London area, visiting us in our showroom in Cranleigh, Guildford in Surrey.

Are you still unsure, still sat on the fence?

We understand it is not a decision people make quickly, although to whet your appetite and for further inspiration check out our Gallery & Reviews website pages, every photo was taken on location high lighting the quality workmanship and the completed work on properties in the Guildford and Surrey areas.