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The Best Blinds and Shutter Services in Horsham in West Sussex 

In with the wood shutters, out with the plastic blinds! Good quality wooden shutters can bring a beautiful and elegant look to the window areas of a home. Shutter installation Horsham by Mastercraft Shutters provide more privacy, add character, and block out those rainy, cloudy days whenever you don’t want to look outside.  They look so great on their own that you don’t even need curtains to dress them up! Sure, the plastic is cheap and easy to install – but whenever you experience your first set of wood shutters, you will never be able to go back!  Our shutters are long-lasting and durable and will last you for many years. 

Craig, the founder, has been doing installations of shutters for customers around the Horsham area for many years now.  He has a small team that shares the same love for shutters.  We have many happy customers in Horsham and all over West Sussex who have fallen in love with our bespoke shutters installed in their homes.  They have worked with us to create the perfect look they envision whenever they are ready to add beautiful shutters to their home. 

Work With Us To Decorate Your Home with Our Beautiful Authentic Wooden Shutters 

You get to be in charge of what you want at Mastercraft Shutters in Horsham, just south of London Mastercraft Shutters in Horsham, just south of London, you get to be in control of what you want.  We are known to provide impeccable service to each of our customers. We have plenty of bespoke options for you to customise your dream shutters to match the style of your home, ensuring complete privacy from window to window.  You will coordinate with us to brainstorm the design of your ideal shutters and then leave the rest of the work to us until the installation of your brand-new shutters is complete.  We only use high-quality wood and hardware, which helps contribute to the longevity of each shutter.  Our shutters are bespoke to your liking.  Choose from a variety of the different shutters styles that we offer, from cafe style, solid panel shutters, full height shutters, plus many more.  You can check out a complete list of choices under the “Shutters” tab at the top of the page. 

We have several different shutter collections, many of which have certain colours available specific to each group.  This ensures you get the look that matches the style of your home, whether you want a more clean and modern look, a pop of colour to a specific room, or your home to feel more rustic.  The sky is the limit. The collections available are: 

  • Hybrawood Shutters
  • Eco Shutters 
  • Classic Hardwood Shutters
  • Premium Hardwood Shutters

It gets even better, though – we offer multiple-tier choices.  Whether you want full height tier shutters from floor or ceiling in your home, or single-tier cafe style shutters covering each window, let us make that happen for you!  

Our Horsham Team Provides Top-Notch Services and a Seamless Installation Process for Our Shutters (Look at Our Reviews!)

So, are you ready to style your home with some of the most lovely-looking shutters in Horsham?  The Horsham Mastercraft Shutters team – is here at your service! Our team has been designing and installing shutters for years and has worked with many customers to give their home the look they want.  We start with a conversation about what type of shutters you are looking for, hear your ideas and vision, and then work with you to help you understand your available choices.  We would need you to allow us to come to your home to do a window fitting to ensure that we have the precise measurements for the shutter installation – we want to ensure that we cover all grounds!  

Contact us for a free quote.  Our reviews, opening hours, contact information, and location can be found easily on our website.  Our gallery showcases some of our favourite projects that customers have worked with us to create in their lovely homes.  You can also connect with us on our Facebook and Instagram social media to keep up with the company’s happenings.  We are so excited to hear from you and to create an even cosier home with our hand-built, quality shutters!