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shutters farnham

What are shutters?

Shutters in Farnham have many uses, including controlling the quantity of sunlight that enters a room, offering privacy, security, protection from the elements or unwanted intrusion or damage, and increasing the attractiveness of a building.  Shutters can be mounted to overlap the opening or fit inside it, depending on the use and how the window frame is made.

A frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails often makes up the sturdy and secure window covering known as a window shutter (top, centre, and bottom). Almost any object that can be mounted within a frame may be mounted within this frame, including solid panels, cloth, glass, louvres (both moveable and fixed, horizontal or vertical), and louvres.

The phrase “window shutter” refers to both interior and exterior shutters, depending on whether they are used on the inside or outside of a building or home. In certain architectural designs, it is typical to have shutters that cover both the doors and the windows.  For more information on shutters in Farnham, we have made this guide to help you understand why shutters are a great investment and why you should consider having them installed at your Farnham home.

What different types of window shutter styles can I buy in Farnham? From Bright light shutters to Bay window shutters.

There are many different types of shutters available at our Surrey shutter firm. These are full-height shutters, solid panel shutters, tier-on-tier shutters, cafe-style shutters, shutters for doors, and bay window shutters. Let’s look at these in some more detail:

Full-height bright light shutters

Full-height shutters, as their name implies, enclose the entire height of your window space, and installing these shutters has a number of advantages: Full-height shutters totally enclose your window space while providing total privacy and light blocking.

If you want a light and airy atmosphere in the daytime, the slats’ open position allows natural light to enter the space. When the slats are down, they also offer privacy and darkness, which is excellent for a cosy night in.

They are therefore perfect for bedrooms.  Full-height shutters are without a doubt our most popular choice since they have a timeless appearance and lots of adaptability.

Solid panel shutters

Any shutter whose panels are not louvred or slatted is referred to as a “solid panel shutter.” Since they are built of solid hardwood, they allow in far less light than their more modern counterparts. The old Victorian window coverings are the inspiration for solid panel shutters.

Tier-on-tier shutters

Tier-on-tier window shutters, also known as double-hung shutters, offer full window coverage similar to full-height shutters. But tier-on-tier shutters provide you complete control over the amount of light in your house because you may open the slats of the top and bottom halves separately. By splitting the panels in half, this design is a great alternative for sash windows as well.

Cafe-style shutters

Cafe shutters, often referred to as half shutters, only partially enclose the window. A good option for windows on the bottom floor, providing both seclusion and unhindered light from the upper half of the window. In addition to giving privacy, this also lets light into the house. Additionally, this style will go well with your current blinds or drapes. For street-level living areas, café style shutters are great for providing privacy from the outside world without sacrificing natural light.

Shutters for doors

For your doors, shutters are an excellent option because they increase seclusion without reducing light. Shutters never restrict access to the doors behind them, regardless of whether they are fixed on a track or hinged like cupboard doors. Doors with shutters actually become a prominent design element in the space. They provide an unrivalled alternative to blinds and curtains because of their exceptional functionality, versatility, temperature control, privacy, and security.

Bay window shutters

Three or more windows that tilt past a square, hexagonal, or octagonal-shaped outside wall make up a bay window. They create a niche since they are placed outside the exterior wall. The fact that bay windows fit inside the architectural concept of a bay gives them their name. Shutters are the ideal complement to bay windows, providing a fashionable statement that can further improve your home’s interior design aesthetic.

The benefits of shutters over blinds

What privacy and light options are best for your home in Farnham? By design, window shutters are very adaptable. They provide various levels of privacy and light that blinds and drapes just cannot. The kind of shutter, its design, and the louvre you choose will all have an impact on how much light enters the space and how well you can see within.

Shutters typically last longer since they are composed of high-quality, durable materials. They are more resistant to harm when in use since they are securely mounted to either the inside or outside of the window recess. Shutters also have a classic, graceful design that ensures their ongoing popularity.

The maintenance of your blinds may also be difficult, depending on the type you have. The majority of fabric blinds can’t be washed in a washing machine, thus dirt and dust must be removed by hand scrubbing. Like other wooden surfaces in your home, shutters may be simply cleaned by wiping them down and dusting them.

Shutters are more insulating than blinds due to their nature. The slats (also known as louvres) should be tilted fully open to maximise solar heat gain.

Your property looks more welcoming with shutters. Their wow power comes from their classic, show-home-worthy appearance. Shutters are a striking feature whether you choose a traditional white look, a modern grey hue, or a rustic, textured appearance.

Shutters are frequently found to significantly increase a home’s value by homeowners due to their longevity and aesthetic appeal.