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Shutters Surrey

About us – Mastercraft Window shutters Surrey

Mastercraft Shutters in Surrey was founded to provide a service that goes above and beyond a typical “made-to-measure” shutters in Surrey. We believe that our clients should be engaged in the design process, and with their input and our advice, we will provide window coverings that will both aesthetically and effectively improve your home. We have developed special techniques to change shutters, providing limitless possibilities in providing the finest possible solution for every window, to elevate our installation to a whole new level.

With regard to material, design, slat sizes, opening mechanisms, colours, hinges, and more, each of our shutter collections offers a wide range of bespoke options. We have extensive expertise and excellent taste due to our many years of shutter industry experience, therefore we will only select to work with the highest quality hardwood products.

Although they don’t have to be expensive, shutters are a home improvement investment. With no additional fees or high-pressure sales tactics, we offer shutter supply and installation at a fair price. We are certain to offer the ideal fit for every window, regardless of your preferences in terms of design or price range.

Why Choose us at Surrey Shutter?

We provide a custom service that is exclusive to the shutter business. Finding a window that is perfectly shaped and free of obstructions like knobs and trim is difficult. As a result, the best option is frequently reached through compromise. We try to avoid compromise wherever we can by employing our special techniques. We carefully plan, adjust, and install your shutters to ensure that they are the ideal fit for each window in any space of your house or place of business, including living room shutters, bedroom shutters, kitchen shutters, dining room shutters, bathroom shutters and office shutters.

Contact Master Shutters in Surrey today to speak to one of our shutter experts. Call us on 0333 241 7647 for a free consultation. Email us at or send us a message directly here.

How much should shutters cost in Surrey?

Plantation shutters don’t have to be an out-of-reach luxury, especially if you decide to do the installation yourself. When compared to a measure and fit service or other window treatments, DIY shutters can result in significant savings.

For many reasons, DIY shutters are a terrific, cost-effective option. They offer first-rate value for the money. They endure a lot longer than any other window treatment since they are made of durable polyvinyl or hardwood, depending on the variety you select. Shutters also look wonderful on windows of different sizes, so you may begin small. They are less expensive than the costly steam cleaning required for curtains since they can be cleaned with a duster or a wet towel.

It might be more expensive since many businesses will charge you to have shutters measured and installed. Self-reliance is simple and, most importantly, economical. So, if you need window coverings today but don’t want to spend a lot of money on blinds or pricey curtains, inexpensive DIY Shutters are only a measurement away. A few preliminary window measurements are all that are needed to get things started.

Plantation shutters typically cost between £180 and £300 per square metre in the UK. A full-service shutter installation by professionals that includes measuring will cost more than £300 per square metre. DIY shutters start at £180 per sqm, with a potential charge savings of 40%.

Do window shutters raise the value of your home in Surrey?

Shutters are without a doubt a beautiful feature to any house. Consider both the immediate and long-term advantages that shutters offer if you’re on the fence about buying them. Shutters may improve the aesthetics of any room and increase the value of your house in a number of ways.

Shutters may quickly increase the value of your property if you’re attempting to sell it. The fact that premium shutters are timeless and popular with most consumers is one explanation behind this. Since the shutters are constructed specifically for the windows, they will stay with the house even after it is sold. Shutters have another advantage in that they make an excellent first impression and may prompt an offer far sooner than less eye-catching or dated window coverings would.

Your property will have the distinctive appearance you’ve been hoping for with shutters. They are a wise investment that immediately improves your home’s aesthetics and visual appeal. Shutters give a third option, unlike conventional window coverings, which can either be opened or closed; they may be slanted up or down to let light in while yet giving you privacy.

The fact that shutters save energy is another fantastic way they increase the value of your house. Shutters are custom-made to fit your windows’ precise size. This aids in maintaining a constant interior temperature during the shifting of the seasons. By lowering your monthly energy costs, energy-efficient window coverings help keep the total cost of home ownership low.

For those wanting to purchase new houses, low-upkeep ornamental accents are crucial. The fact that Mastercraft shutters are so simple to maintain and will look wonderful for many years to come is one of their finest features. All Mastercraft Shutters shutters come with a 3-year guarantee and are a lovely addition to any house. Contact Mastercraft Shutters in Surrey today.

Are shutters outdated on homes?

In 2022, shutters are still in style and we do not believe they will ever be outdated. A sturdy and reliable window covering is a shutter which is made out of a frame with vertical stiles and horizontal rails. Any type of material may be installed inside the frame, including louvres (either fixed or adjustable), cloth, solid panels, glass, and many more.

They can be used to improve a building’s external design, regulate the amount of sunlight that enters a room, provide privacy, safeguard the window from weather damage, and deter burglars by locking the window, among other things.

Interior and exterior shutters are the two main kinds of shutters. Some buildings feature doors with shutters, despite the fact that the majority of shutters are made for window installation. Shutters can be put outside the window frame or inside the window frame during installation.

What shutters are best?

We provide a full range of window shutter services, handling every aspect from design to installation. This enables us to offer a premium final product without charging a high price! We can customise every aspect of your new shutters, including the materials, colours, forms, and designs, to give them a custom look that “off-the-shelf” options cannot provide. Our window shutters are very affordable and of high quality. We strive to finish each installation in a single day. We remove all of our trash and leave your house clean and tidy to finish your Mastercraft makeover.

We offer shutters in Hybrawood, 100% Hardwood, Ashwood and Ecoshutters in different colour schemes to match your home. All of our shutters are of very high-quality and the best choice for you comes down to preference and budget.

Speak to our shutter experts today for recommendations on which shutter designs are best for you.