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window shutters dorking

In order to provide a service that goes above and beyond the typical “made-to-measure” shutter experience, Mastercraft Shutters was founded. With the help of our professional advice and the input of our clients, we will design a window covering that will both aesthetically and functionally improve your living area. Let’s take a closer look at window shutters in Dorking.

Why use Mastercraft to install your Window Shutters in Dorking

The material, design, slat sizes, opening mechanisms, colours, hinges, and other unique options are all available for each of our shutter collections. We will only choose to work with the best hardwood goods because of our vast expertise and excellent taste in the shutter industry.

Although installing shutters may feel like an investment at first, they add long-term value to your home by enhancing both the interior, exterior and luring future purchasers, making your investment in shutters worthwhile.

Slatted shutters are excellent for controlling light. You may tilt the slats to partially illuminate specific portions of the room, or you can close them to completely darken the space.

They’ve been shown to improve home insulation. Shutters are a useful way to prevent heat loss from draughty windows.

They are simple to clean. There’s no need to fuss with curtains, blinds, or dry cleaners-just use a feather duster or towel to dust your shutters.

Shutters Range

Shutter styles and their price

There are so many alternatives when choosing window treatments for your house. Considerations include coverings such as blinds, shades, draperies, and shutters, among others. Not to mention the numerous options for colour, design, and material. Shutters are a well-liked and durable alternative to blinds and curtains – built around a framework of horizontal rails and vertical stiles, the frame of shutters can come in a number of styles. Solid panels, louvres (horizontal or vertical slats), glass, and even cloth are examples of materials used to make some shutters. They can be placed in a variety of ways. They can cover doors and other buildings with options for the interior and exterior. Of course, the design and structure of the building also have a role in this.

Wooden shutter blinds/Plantation Shutters

These shutters are distinguished by a sturdy structural frame and fitted wooden slats. Other names for these blinds include hardwood shutters and plantation shutters. There are numerous shutter options available, allowing you to achieve different design aspects. Plantation wooden shutters are open, they are made to slope downhill from the outside in, letting in more light and air. Interior plantation shutters cost around £180 – £300 per square metre in the UK. It’s difficult to give an exact cost because plantation shutters are made to measure. This is why we offer a free quote service on all plantation shutter installations.

Faux Wood Shutters

A plastic substitute for genuine wooden shutters is the faux wood range. These faux wood shutters have the same advantages as actual shutters and are composed of a solid-core composite material. Faux wood shutters are a cheaper alternative to genuine wooden shutters. They are the perfect shutters for people looking to save some money whilst maintaining the same look and feel as genuine wooden shutters.

Full height shutters

We have a range of full height wooden shutters which are available with or without louvres. They have panels above and below a horizontal rail that is halfway down. Many doors of this kind are sliding or patio doors. The same is true with built-in wardrobes, where doors are replaced by shelves.

No matter how picky the owner is, plantation shutters may be made to match the style of any home. Simple, white wooden blinds shutters with a clean aesthetic are frequently advantageous for modern or minimalist designs. Wooden plantation shutters with natural colour and texture will frequently bring life to rustic dwellings.

Plantation shutters are incredibly robust. Plantation shutters will endure and withstand deterioration. Many blinds and curtains break, discolour, and become sun-damaged rather than lasting and resisting deterioration. To prevent tearing, staining, and sun damage, plantation shutters are made of highly strong, solid materials and coated or painted.

Plantation shutters can be utilised to regulate the temperature of the house in a way that improves comfort, boosts energy efficiency, and lowers utility costs. Shutters can be installed to block hot sunshine and chilly winds.

Why choose real wood shutters for your home?

Because they are made from 100% pure wood and are carved and sanded to a smooth grain, hardwood shutters cost more. Customers frequently choose hardwood shutters when they want a wooden stain that visually accentuates the grain, or when they want the assurance that they can sand or plane their shutters after installation and don’t mind spending extra money on the shutters. Hardwood shutters are tougher and better quality than the more cheap shutter line, although they seem aesthetically identical to other shutters when painted.