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Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters

Stunning Plantation Shutter Designs for your home

Looking for an alternative to curtains in your Surrey home, then consider our made-to-measure stunning & quality window shutters Weybridge area. At Mastercraft Shutters, we are leaders in our field when it comes to styles of shutters & blinds Weybridge area. Our quality surrey shutters which are made to measure installations are second to none. Whatever style of blinds and shutters you need for your home, you can be assured we will have the perfect solution for you at an affordable price.

Shutter Styles 

There are many companies offering shutters & blinds in the UK, and even offering DIY shutters. When it comes to investing in your home real wood shutters offer a stunning & stylish solution. Whether you want a living room, bedroom or bathroom shutter. You can rest assured, with our collection of shutter style blinds and plantation wooden shutters we have you covered.

Our Tailor-Made Bespoke Shutters

Our range of quality wooden shutter blinds are all made to measure, this ensures the fit is perfect. Our highly skilled wooden shutters experts will visit your home to take accurate measurements. All of our shutters have an extensive choice of options for bespoke designs, such as slat size, fixing opening and closing hinges and colours to suit your property decor.

If you need further information on any of the different styles of shutters, please get in touch, our experienced friendly team will be more than happy to offer free advice and help.

Full Height Plantation Shutters 

Our most popular range of shutters is by far interior plantation shutters. Plantation shutters provide full coverage of a window from top to bottom. Plantation shutters can be fitted as a single louvred panel, which you can open and close the same as a door. Alternatively, plantation shutters are available as a concertina style working better on larger windows or doors.

Plantation shutters can have slats which can open to control the amount of light entering a room. Plantation shutters can also provide energy-saving benefits, security & privacy when closed especially on those cold winter nights.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters 

We have listed below some of the benefits of plantation shutters and why you should consider fitting shutters in your home.

Plantation Shutters Cost 

Shutters for sure are not cheap if you compare them to ready-made curtains. You need to think of shutters as a property investment and they do not cost a fortune. At Mastercraft Shutters, we offer a highly competitive service with all of our shutters at an affordable price. 

Whatever your budget we will have a bespoke shutter solution for a single window or every window on your property.

What are Faux Wood Shutters?

Faux wood shutters are an alternative to hardwood shutters, faux wood shutters are made from a solid core composite. Which means it’s a waterproof textured 100% PVC plastic material made to look like real wood. They do have benefits such as being resistant to warping, which would work better in a humid climate.

Would they add the same value to your home as real wood shutters, we would say no. Wooden shutters are undoubtedly more aesthetically pleasing and much more stylish than faux wood shutters, which can turn yellowish over time. 

Why Choose Mastercraft Shutters?

We offer a service which is unique in the shutter industry. We have been designing, modifying and installing shutters in the UK for many years. With all the experience gained, we offer an unrivalled service from the design process to manufacturing to the installation of stunning stylish shutters to enhance the appearance and value of your property.

If you need further information, please give us a call or use our website contact us page and send us a message. We are here to advise and help with your shutter requirements.