Bay Window Shutters


A stylish statement for the front of your home

Advantages of Shutters in a Bay Window


  • Allows maximum light control
  • Creates space
  • Stylish Interior statement
  • Available in all our collections
  • 3 Year Guarantee


Additional benefits


  • Perfect Light Control
  • Noise Reduction
  • Added Privacy
  • Extra Insulation
  • Superb Durability
  • Easy Maintenance

Bay Window Shutters

Bay windows are designed to allow large amounts of light in and are often seen in Victorian and Edwardian built homes.

Shutters are the perfect complimentary addition to bay windows, offering a stylish statement which can further enhance the interior design aesthetic of your home.

As well as this, their functionality allows maximum control over the light flow and makes your room feel bright and spacious, as well as giving additional privacy when required.

With bay windows it is imperative that the measurements and design are perfect.

Our highly skilled specialists will work with you to design the shutters that work for your home and lifestyle before returning to expertly install them.

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Available in all our collections

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