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shutter price calculator guildford

If you have been scratching your head searching shutter price calculator Guildford then this is the article for you regarding measuring and benefits of shutters.

Consider putting window shutters or blinds if you are remodelling your home or sprucing up a few windows.

Shutters offer a plethora of advantages that enhance your house. If you are unsure of what these advantages are, we will provide a thorough explanation by reading this article and help you take off your mental blinds. 

One type of window decor that is frequently disregarded is window shutters.

Shutters can provide an eye-catching and unique alternative to drapes or blinds for window dressing, and they also have numerous useful advantages.

The secret to saving money and altering your windows yourself is to perform your own shutter measuring.

How to measure Guildford windows for trade shutters

The idea of measuring windows for shutters intimidates some consumers, but in reality, it’s really easy.

For the purpose of providing a written quotation for your customer’s shutters, we don’t require precise window measurements.

However, we do require general measurements for an estimate, which we email to you when you receive a price.

If you get the window sizes nearly right, the estimate will be a good approximation of the price of your fully installed shutters.

Find out how easy it is by reading on.

At this point, we don’t require a precise size. When you ask us for a final shutter quotation and you approve of our written estimate, our consultant will precisely measure for a final cost. I’m done now! 

If you go ahead, we’ll make sure everything regarding your shutters fits perfectly.

How to measure a bay window for a shutter

Bay windows are arguably one of the most popular window styles that customers opt to have shutters installed on their property, and fortunately, measuring shutters or blinds for a quote is very simple.

You only actually need to measure heights once for bay windows because their heights will be the same on each of them (we only need a rough height for a quote).

Your bay would have three widths and three heights if it were divided into three halves (heights all the same).

It’s actually that easy: if a bay has four sections, there would be four. Please provide us with all the measurements since bays can have up to eight or nine sections and each window needs a shutter of its own.

Measuring a standard window for blinds

The simplest windows to measure for interior shutters are those that are standard.

Get the window’s height and width at their furthest points using your tape measure.

It is probably easier to measure right outside the glass, like in the example we used.

If you schedule a Master Craft Shutters specialist, he will accurately measure your windows based on the shutters you want for that particular window.

Your measurements are only a general reference to help you estimate costs.

Half-height or Cafe style shutters

Again, we’re confident that you’ll discover that measuring for half-height shutters is simple and similar to measuring for conventional windows above.

The main distinction is that you should only get a height that is about as high as you want the shutter panels to go.

Please be aware that in order for us to make cafe-style shutters, the height must be at least 40 cm.

The most popular choice, which looks fantastic, is to align the top of the panel with the window divider.

How to measure specially shaped windows on your property

We always need the longest dimensions for any and all unique or oddly shaped windows.

For instance, if your windows are round, we need to know how broad they are at the widest point. The same holds true for triangles and curved windows, like a sunburst.

How to measure doors for interior shutters

French doors and any other interior door, whether straight or with a curved top, can be measured in the same way as windows.

We will take care of where the handle goes, so don’t worry about that. For a shutter quote, we only require an approximate measurement at first.

In the event that you choose to work with us, our Master Craft shutter expert will take accurate measurements for you.

They fit all window sizes and shapes

It doesn’t matter how your windows are shaped. Whatever your ideas, there are window shutters that would work for them.

They would not only enhance the elegance and neatness of your windows but also highlight their distinctive shapes. 

Additionally, window shutters are available for a variety of window sizes, and you can even obtain shutters for large glass doors.

These shutters enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room in addition to offering additional protection.

They can easily be cleaned

Shutters on windows can be easily cleaned. In certain instances, a duster and a soft cloth are all that are required.

Because they don’t draw a lot of dust and debris, cleaning is easy. Additionally, they don’t need much upkeep, which reduces the chance of their being destroyed. 

They provide excellent child security

You might need to install window shutters for greater security if your children have their own bedrooms.

You wouldn’t want someone watching into their rooms like a peeping Tom. But you may use window shutters in the living room as well—they’re not just for bedrooms.

You wouldn’t want your hyperactive youngsters to leap out of the window if they are prone to doing so. As a result, you could safeguard your windows by installing window shutters.

At home, I really enjoy my privacy. I may be amiable when I’m out and about, but my house is my haven, and I like to keep it that way.

I’ve lived in a number of houses with large windows that look out onto the street, allowing passersby to frequently admire my home without any embarrassment.

With so many people walking about, especially in residential neighbourhoods, plantation shutters provide that protection from such unwelcome scrutiny. In my opinion, shutters might be a really smart idea.

They add more value to your home

Shutters are typically seen as simple decorative accents, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

They are safe, easy to maintain and hold their value better than other comparable things. If you’ve added shutters and want to sell or rent your home, you might demand higher asking prices than usual.

Everyone wants their homes to reflect their personality and sense of style. A wonderful method to express our personality and be creative is via interior design.

If you have interior window shutters, you can use lacquer and paint effects to communicate your personal style, from shabby chic to a preference for an urban aesthetic.

You may think of shutters as jewellery for your house. Great shutters are expertly built and may be customised to meet your needs.

They assist in controlling the amount of light that enters the residence

The best places for window shutters are those where you wish to regulate how much light enters a space. They are appropriate for settings like offices and entertainment areas because these things frequently need bright lighting. You can lower the lighting to produce a calm mood by using a window shutter. In order to lighten the space, you might also open them up. 

Essentially, window shutters are decorative accents that every homeowner should have.

Sound and Thermal Insulation

When the shutters are closed, the wooden panels provide some heat and sound insulation. It is possible to open the windows in the summer while leaving the panels closed, allowing air to circulate while keeping the heat from the sun out. 

If you want to give your living room a more classic appearance, you can achieve comparable results with thick, heavy drapes. But in a kitchen or bathroom, where heavier textiles aren’t ideal, shutters are a wonderful option.

UV Protection

Similar to how blinds can be tilted, shutters with louvres can also be adjusted to control how much light enters a space.

The panels can be fully opened to bring in as much light as you desire. In order to extend the lifespan of the furniture and stop patterns from fading, the louvres can be adjusted to direct light away from the flooring and furniture. 

The paint or wood stain finish on many shutters is protected by a UV-protective layer, which also prevents the shutter panels from warping.

Shutters are a classy and attractive window decoration that never goes out of style.

Although they may not be appropriate for every room, having them on the ground floor has some appeal, particularly for kitchens and “the den”.

Remember that you can use tie-backs as a trim around your shutters if you prefer the delicate and refined look of curtains to have the best of both worlds.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

As a result of its prevalence on American cotton plantations, plantation shutters earned their name.

Their history extends back to the Middle Ages when they served to secure and weatherproof buildings.

Due to their excellent insulating capabilities, these shutters are trendy. Therefore, they help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Plantation shutters are affixed to the window frame, as opposed to blinds. There is no need to be concerned about pull strings because they open and close similarly to doors.

Louvres are wooden slats that are tipped.

The louvres’ angle may be changed, allowing you to regulate how much light and air they let in.

The slats block all light when they are fully closed. They lessen noise pollution as well.

They can therefore enhance the quality of your sleep. Additionally, you can let light into your room without sacrificing privacy if you carefully angle the slats.

Plantation shutters are a classic design that complements structures of many eras. Due to the fact that many purchasers equate them with well-maintained residences, their exquisite appeal might raise your home’s value.

The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Invest in style for your home to reap a number of benefits: 


In order to develop the ideal window shutter solution for your needs as fast and effectively as possible, our knowledgeable and helpful team is available to assist you. Our reviews imply that we’re fairly skilled at this. 

If you’d like a guide pricing, please tell us where you are and the size of your window. We’ll schedule a time that works for both parties for our free home design visit, during which we’ll conduct an extensive survey, show you some examples, and discuss our suggested solutions.