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Made to Measure Shutters for your windows in West Sussex

If are you interested in a window covering other than curtains and blinds, then please check out our custom made to measure shutters west Sussex area, at Mastercraft we are specialists in shutters shutter styles for your window or windows in any type of business or home in Sussex.

We are a small company with a friendly team of professional bespoke shutter manufacturers offering a unique range of styles, designs and any size of shutters shutter options for every type of window to choose from, we are based at Horsham in West Sussex, and we provide the highest quality shutter service across Sussex & Surrey and surrounding regions from the design phase right through to installation.

Our priority has always been to deliver every shutter project on time, and within budget for complete guaranteed customer satisfaction.

We offer as part of our service a no-obligation free quote

What advantages of Window Shutters have over Window Blinds?

There are many advantages of window shutters wooden blinds or curtains in a home or business, but before we start let us take a look at the downside of shutters, Shutters in the south of England and across Sussex will be slightly more expensive, but you need to realistically look at what you’re getting for your money, as we all know an Englishman’s home is his castle, so why to settle for second best, if you wanted to you could do your own DIY shutters shutter coverings with a view to saving a few quid, that’s your prerogative, personally if you want a job doing right then get a professional window shutter firm in.

So that’s the negatives over with regarding window shutters, let me list the positives of Shutters for your windows. 

A Shutter will add Value

Shutters will add value to your property, shutters are custom-made to fit a window so are naturally left on the window place if the property is sold, which as a house owner you will be able to up the asking price if you ever want to sell your property.

Sturdy Manufacture

Are shutters both durable and very hard-wearing, being made of hardwood they are also very robust and no amount of opening and closing the louvres will damage the shutters, we would go as far as to say, there are unbreakable?

Light Control

Shutters offer the best light control if you want a completely darkened room by closing down the louvres or just blocking out some light, with the way the shutters have been designed you have full control of the light entering a room. 

Easy to clean

Shutters are far easier to clean than blinds or curtains, shutters can be cleaned incredibly easy whilst in situ, no need to take them down, just a gentle wipe-over with a cloth will suffice. 

Wooden Design

Our Shutters are made from solid hardwood that lasts, when you decide to purchase shutters for your home it going to be a one-time purchase, our shutters are built to last for years upon years


With shutters at your windows, the chances of a break-in are greatly reduced as it’s more difficult to get through shutters, also when the shutters are closed in offers more privacy and stops prying eyes.


When you have a shutter system installed correctly as it’s a tight fit and shutters a made from a solid construction there is far less chance of heat escaping through gaps, keeping the room nice and warm whilst cutting down on energy bills. 

Full height shutters for your Sussex home

Full height shutters are shutters that go across the full height of your windows, these are the most popular with a very classic look and are very versatile, when the slats are open, natural light will stream into a room, by altering the position of the slats you can also block out the natural light if you need more privacy and darkness

Full-height plantation shutters are different from the cafe style or tier-on-tier shutters, full-height shutters with their classical look will transform your room making even the smallest bedroom will look bigger inside.

These shutters can be fitted as a single-loured panel or as a concertina style which works best on larger windows or doors, for a cosy night in they can the louvres can be completely closed, perfect for privacy as well as security.  

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