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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters & Wooden Shutters to beautify your home

If you are looking for high quality shutters as an alternative to curtains in your home, you are most definitely in the right place. Here at Mastercraft Shutters, we have the perfect and best collection of wooden shutters. 

If you need full window height shutters such as a plantation shutter or café style shutters for your home. Then you must check out our collection of shutters and our bespoke shutter service from design to installation.

Mastercraft Shutters Range

Full height shutters

Full-height shutters are also known as plantation shutters and are by far the most popular choice for homeowners. Plantation shutters are designed to cover the entirety of windows. Plantation shutters are different from traditional wooden shutters in that when they are open they allow more ventilation and natural light to enter a room. When plantation shutters are closed they block the light completely giving the homeowner complete privacy.

Solid Panel Shutter

This style of shutter has a Victorian look, the shutters are made from solid wood and do not have louvres or slats. These shutters offer fantastic privacy and heat conservation, keeping the cold air out whilst retaining warm air in a room on those cold winter nights. 

Tier-on-tier shutters

The same as plantation shutters, tier-to-tier shutters offer full window covering. The difference between plantation shutters and tier-to-tier shutters is the latter is top and bottom of the shutters are separated. This allows you to keep the top half of the shutters open whilst the bottom half is closed for privacy. 

Café-style shutters

Café-style shutters are designed to cover the bottom half of a window. These styles of window shutters work well in keeping a room naturally light whilst still retaining privacy by having the shutters closed.

Door Shutters

Plantation shutters make a perfect solution to cover doors, whether patio doors, French doors or bi-folding doors. Our made-to-measure plantation shutters can be installed to cover types of doors in your home. Adding value and great security options as well as being versatile with awesome temperature control.

Bay Window Shutters

Shutters fitted to bay windows still allow large amounts of light to enter a room which is the main purpose of a bay window. These styles of shutters look fantastic when installed in Edwardian and Victorian homes

The Difference between Real Wood Shutters & Faux Wood Shutters 

An alternative to having real wood shutters is installing faux wood shutters, faux wood shutters are made from a man-made composite material, some from MDF and others from a vinyl material. They can be the cheaper option to cover a window in your home.

On the downside, faux wood shutters don’t have the same natural beauty as real wood. Some companies will apply a grain wood finish but they as not as versatile as shutters made from natural wood and cannot be varnished or painted once installed.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional wooden shutters, check out below for Mastercrafts Collection of Hybrawood & Eco shutters.

Hybrawood Shutters

This style of shutter is made from both aluminium and paulownia hardwood. The main frame of the shutters is made from paulownia hardwood with a durable and strong aluminium core attaching each of the polyvinyl slates. 

This combination makes these shutters highly durable and very affordable as a window covering for your home. This style of shutter is available in five shades of white to match any décor in your home. 

Eco Shutters

We make our Eco shutters from Eco-friendly paulownia hardwood. Paulownia hardwood comes from a fast-growing tree which provides a sustainable and renewable alternative to other hardwoods on the market.

The wood itself is lighter than traditional hardwoods making it the perfect choice for covering a large window and is available in 14 different colour options.

Mastercraft Shutters is at your Service

We offer a complete service to ensure you transform your property with our stylish shutters. We have many years of experience with making and installing made-to-measure shutters. Our main aim and top priority are to provide the highest quality shuttering service at affordable prices.

If you need a free quote for shutters to be installed in your home, please make use of our website contact page to discuss your window-covering project or ideas.